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Depression, Anxiety and Parenting

Depression, Anxiety and Parenting Before a baby or child comes into a family, there is usually much excitement and preparation. Yet, we are never truly prepared for how that change is going to impact us emotionally or physically. For some … Continue reading

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Is this SAFE while Breastfeeding?

IS THIS MEDICATION OR HERB SAFE WHILE BREASTFEEDING?? That is one of the most common calls I answer from a nursing parent.  I often remind her of these four basic questions.  I also ask that she inform herself more with … Continue reading

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Cleanses, Toxins and Breastfeeding

A common discussion among friends and other moms I know is a concern regarding special dieting, detoxing and cleanses.  I have had moms ask me if it is safe to detoxify or cleanse while breastfeeding. I do not consider most … Continue reading

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Night Limits, Nighttime Breastfeeding or Night-Weaning

Sleeping through the night is one of those things like walking or first teeth… it happens at different times for each child and there is really nothing we can do about it.  It also seems to happen in a fashion … Continue reading

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