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Life With a Newborn

I am often asked to give a few links to new parents or parents-to-be. New parents are often too tired to sort through a full book though I do suggest that you just try to take it page by page … Continue reading

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Sweet Sleep LLLove Notes

Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family Authors: Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Linda J. Smith, Teresa Pitman http://store.llli.org/public/profile/876 This book is like a love letter to new parents. It is full of affirmations and support in a … Continue reading

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At-the-Breast Supplementing

Using a feeding tube at the breast to help a baby learn to nurse at the breast can be a helpful tool but also a tricky thing to learn to use. Babies learn how to breastfeed best by being at … Continue reading

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Depression, Anxiety and Parenting

Depression, Anxiety and Parenting Before a baby or child comes into a family, there is usually much excitement and preparation. Yet, we are never truly prepared for how that change is going to impact us emotionally or physically. For some … Continue reading

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Storms, Emergencies and Power Outages – Breastfeeding/Pumping Quick Links

Here are some informative links on breastfeeding or pumping during emergencies:   La Leche League International Resources for Breastfeeding During Emergencies http://www.llli.org/emergency.html   United States Breastfeeding Committee Breastfeeding and Emergencies http://www.usbreastfeeding.org/Communities/BreastfeedingandEmergencies/tabid/193/Default.aspx   KellyMom My Power Went Out and I Have … Continue reading

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Is this SAFE while Breastfeeding?

IS THIS MEDICATION OR HERB SAFE WHILE BREASTFEEDING?? That is one of the most common calls I answer from a nursing parent.  I often remind her of these four basic questions.  I also ask that she inform herself more with … Continue reading

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Low Milk Supply – Quick Links

One of my most common topics I am asked about is milk supply so I thought I’d share some of the usual links and info I share often. I feel that the best way to get milk supply off to … Continue reading

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Happy 12th Birthday A!!

Happy 12th Birthday to my dear daughter. Watching you grow has been such a blessing in my life. People tell me to prepare for your teen years. It has me thinking about how I prepared (or wasn’t) for your early … Continue reading

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Cleanses, Toxins and Breastfeeding

A common discussion among friends and other moms I know is a concern regarding special dieting, detoxing and cleanses.  I have had moms ask me if it is safe to detoxify or cleanse while breastfeeding. I do not consider most … Continue reading

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Gluten Free for You & Your Baby

I have family and friends with Celiac Disease so I have been trying to read and learn more about what foods have gluten, what it means to be gluten-free over the past few years. I wanted to see for myself how … Continue reading

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