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Low Milk Supply? A Tale of Two Mothers  

Once upon a time, there were two pregnant friends. The friends were so excited about having children together. I will call one friend FA as in Friend A one FB as in Friend B. J Of course, I am rooting … Continue reading

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Tongue-Tie – Bill of Rights & Responsibilities

Tongue-Tie & Lip-Tie “Bill of Rights & Responsibilities” As a parent, we have rights and responsibilities when collaborating with our medical or health care support.  We are partners or equals on a team in caring for our children.  Something many … Continue reading

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Cleanses, Toxins and Breastfeeding

A common discussion among friends and other moms I know is a concern regarding special dieting, detoxing and cleanses.  I have had moms ask me if it is safe to detoxify or cleanse while breastfeeding. I do not consider most … Continue reading

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Night Limits, Nighttime Breastfeeding or Night-Weaning

Sleeping through the night is one of those things like walking or first teeth… it happens at different times for each child and there is really nothing we can do about it.  It also seems to happen in a fashion … Continue reading

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YOU and your baby are the experts on sleep.

Not getting any sleep?  Don’t buy into the sleep “expert” trap!  You and your baby are the real experts. I googled “baby sleep books” and this is what I found… The Baby Sleep Book by William and Martha Sears, No … Continue reading

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Wanting to Breastfeed

Is there a RECIPE for Breastfeeding Success? One mom who has informed herself on breastfeeding and wants to breastfeed. One baby who has been born healthy and in their own time. Put them skin-to-skin in a biological nurturing position and … Continue reading

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Baby starting solids… starting weaning…

Starting solids is an exciting time for parents and always makes for great photos too.  But as each child has their own temperament and interest in foods, parents will have very different experiences each go around.  When it came to … Continue reading

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