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Why I am happy to be a Lactivist

There has been a lot of backlash the past decade about what lactivism or breastfeeding advocacy is and isn’t.  There is often the idea that being proud about breastfeeding is at the same time shaming or making other parents feel guilt. … Continue reading

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Exercise & Fitness – Breastfeeding in Public at Gyms, Fitness Centers and Pools

With each of my pregnancies, it was important for me to feel strong and healthy working towards labor and caring for a newborn.  I exercised as I found time (more with each pregnancy) and with specific exercises in mind for … Continue reading

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Bottle feeding the breastfed baby… paced and baby-led bottles.

When I was pregnant for the first time, even though I planned on breastfeeding, one of the first things I thought about buying was bottles – I grew up in a bottle feeding culture after all.  I was planning on … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding & Lactation Smartphone Applications

If you are a parent today, you most likely have checked out several breastfeeding, pumping or baby tracking apps.  What is useful and what is a waste?  It really can depend on your needs and your specific circumstance. As always, … Continue reading

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Ouch! Baby bit me.

A common concern parents have with breastfeeding is biting. If you haven’t been bit, know that not all babies end up biting.  If you have been bit, the first step is often to determine if the baby is biting out … Continue reading

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Wanting to Breastfeed

Is there a RECIPE for Breastfeeding Success? One mom who has informed herself on breastfeeding and wants to breastfeed. One baby who has been born healthy and in their own time. Put them skin-to-skin in a biological nurturing position and … Continue reading

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Expressing Milk for Your Baby

It has been three years since Z was born so I feel I can share this all now.  We had a lovely homebirth in our tub followed by a week of hanging out in or near bed with Z.   … Continue reading

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