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Why I am happy to be a Lactivist

There has been a lot of backlash the past decade about what lactivism or breastfeeding advocacy is and isn’t.  There is often the idea that being proud about breastfeeding is at the same time shaming or making other parents feel guilt. … Continue reading

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Tongue-Tie – Bill of Rights & Responsibilities

Tongue-Tie & Lip-Tie “Bill of Rights & Responsibilities” As a parent, we have rights and responsibilities when collaborating with our medical or health care support.  We are partners or equals on a team in caring for our children.  Something many … Continue reading

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Bottle feeding the breastfed baby… paced and baby-led bottles.

When I was pregnant for the first time, even though I planned on breastfeeding, one of the first things I thought about buying was bottles – I grew up in a bottle feeding culture after all.  I was planning on … Continue reading

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Take Baby Steps

Dear New Mama, I just hung up the phone with you.  I want to make sure you heard what I said and take it in your heart. You are doing a great job!  You are not a bad mom because … Continue reading

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Blood in Baby’s Stool

Blood in Baby’s Stool? A discussion on gastrointestinal health, formula supplementation and questioning Seeing blood in a baby’s stool can be shocking and frightening for a parent.  Is there internal bleeding?  Is something causing damage to your baby’s esophagus or … Continue reading

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Preparing Infant Formula – Safe Water Guidelines

While writing this I am making a few assumptions first. First and foremost, I am assuming you know your baby, your body and your situation best.  I am assuming that you are knowledgeable about your choices for feeding your infant. … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding & Lactation Smartphone Applications

If you are a parent today, you most likely have checked out several breastfeeding, pumping or baby tracking apps.  What is useful and what is a waste?  It really can depend on your needs and your specific circumstance. As always, … Continue reading

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Sensory Processing and Breastfeeding

We all know about “the five senses”. They are smell (olfactory), taste (gustatory), touch (tactile), sight (visual), and hearing (auditory).  Did you know that there are at least three more that we know of? These are proprioception, vestiular and interoception. … Continue reading

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Ouch! Baby bit me.

A common concern parents have with breastfeeding is biting. If you haven’t been bit, know that not all babies end up biting.  If you have been bit, the first step is often to determine if the baby is biting out … Continue reading

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